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Music Free Petition Presented At City Hall

Angie Bray AM, Leader of the London Assembly Conservative group, yesterday received a 4,500 strong petition calling for the banning of excessively loud music being played by mobile phones and MP3 players across the public transport network.

The petition, started by Tom Wright and Valeria Martinelli, was one of the largest ever presented to the London Assembly, highlighting exactly how much opposition to the anti-social practice there was, and how much it had captured the mood of the travelling public.

Angie Bray AM, who further presented a motion calling for the banning of the practice at yesterdays Transport Plenary [6th Dec 2006] following the petitions presentation, said: “The sheer size of this petition, together with the media interest generated, only goes to show just how much of an annoyance this loud music is proving to commuters. Journeys on the public transport network can often be stressed enough, without the aural torture that some of these MP3 players inflict upon passengers. The perpetrator can often be oblivious to the levels of noise pollution, but anyone who has witnessed it ā€“ myself included ā€“ can testify to how much of a nuisance it can be”.

“Therefore, I was delighted, on behalf of my colleague, Roger Evans, to be able to receive and present this petition, and hope that the hard work of those who have campaigned so vigourously in bringing this to the fore does not fall on deaf ears”.


One Response

  1. loud music on ipods is a nusance – i support this petiton

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