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Councillor Condemns Clueless Ken

summerphoto1.JPGMatthew Scott, councillor for St Michael’s ward, has hit back at claims by Labour Mayor, Ken Livingstone, that crime has fallen on London’s buses.After Freedom of Information Act requests made by Cllr Scott published last month, a report published by the Metropolitan Police Authority said yesterday that there was a clear link between rising crime on buses and the free under 16 travel concession.Reacting to the report, Ken and TfL both said crime had fallen on buses.Cllr Scott said “These claims are ridiculous and show how out of touch Red Ken is. If he actually looked at the statistics, took a ride on a bus or spoke to a bus driver, he would see the real situation. But it is out of sight, out of mind for this man”.

He added “I reiterate that it is my belief that the free travel concession is considerately used by most. But an ever increasing minority do not, as the figures I obtained last month proved. Tougher action is needed against those that offend”.


3 Responses

  1. Ken is out of touch – he should scrap the congestiopn charge and this free travel thing

  2. i agree – i hope the conservatives can get rid of him next time round

  3. some do use it properly but a lot don’t – they are causing all this graffiti on buses and not paying for it to be cleaned. they should be made to pay and clean it up

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