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Councillors Condemn Station Cuts

untitled1.JPGWelling councillors James Hunt and Matthew Scott have reacted angrily to reports that Welling Station is manned less per day than a year ago, despite concerns about public safety (16 January).

A report published by the Evening Standard on Monday 15 January showed that Welling Station was manned between 06:10 – 20:00 in 2006, but now it is only manned until 19:35. James and Matthew have written to Southeastern Railway, who have responsibility for the station, calling on them to urgently review the situation.

James, whose ward the station is in, said ‘I am appalled by this latest news. Not only do we have to pay more to travel on a train service that is over crowded and unreliable, but now we can’t be assured of safety as the stations will be deserted by staff at night and in some cases afternoons’

Matthew, whose ward the station serves, said “We back the Evening Standard’s campaign to have all stations manned until the last train. Problems with muggings, robberies and violence are causing real concern across the rail network, and we urge Southeastern to seriously consider manning the station longer. This way, passengers can feel safe and service is improved”.


2 Responses

  1. i use falconwoode station and there is never anyone there – keep up the pressure guys.

    these stations should be manned until the last train

  2. the whole transport network is rubbish – what happened to the government’s integrated network?

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