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Local Tories Launch NHS Website

saveservices.co.ukLocal Tories have launched a website encouraging residents of Bexley to e-mail the Government Health Minster Patricia Hewitt MP direct with their own personal concerns about the cuts to NHS services in Bexley – www.saveservices.co.uk. In addition, there is an on line petition to sign. 

Councillor Sharon Massey Cabinet Member Health and Adult Social Care said “Bexley NHS has been cutting services, yet all financial savings have been wiped out by the government moving the goal posts. A recent report on the new government imitative ‘Choose and Book’, where a patient can choose the hospital where they want to be treated, has landed Bexley Care Trust with an unexpected bill over £8 million.  

“This financial blow came about because the Government got its tariffs wrong for treatment. This scandalous mismanagement of the Health Service by the Labour Government has left Bexley Care Trust having to seek a loan of £16 million”. 

Councillor Ian Clement Leader of the Council said “What with ‘Greedy Gordon’ Brown having top sliced Bexley’s budget and taken several millions from the hands of Bexley residents to prop up failing Health Trusts in London, I fear further cuts in Bexley’s services. I will continue to stand up and fight for residents in Bexley. Ministers must not be allowed to get away with this terrible treatment of Bexley”. 

Website Designer Councillor Matthew Scott said “I urge everyone to visit our web site www.saveservices.co.uk to sign the online petition and to e-mail the Health Minister minister direct urging her to stop these NHS reforms and to leave Bexley alone”.


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