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Labour Absent In Superbug Debate – And Austin Misses Another Important Vote

Erith and Thamesmead Conservatives have criticised the Labour Party after only one Labour backbench MP bothered to speak on an important debate on hospital superbugs. Labour’s MP John Austin has also been criticised for not showing up to vote. The debate was called by the Conservative Party who tabled a motion calling for new techniques to be used to tackle infections such as MRSA and for Health Ministers to come to Parliament every six months to report on healthcare-acquired infections.

Spokesman and Belvedere Councillor David Leaf said:

“It is very disappointing the lack of interest Labour MPs have in this very important issue. Leaked documents have revealed that the Health Department have given up on meeting targets for reducing MRSA and are failing to prevent the increases of the more deadly clostridium difficile.”

“Both Queen Mary’s and Queen Elizabeth hospitals, which serve residents in Bexley and Greenwich, have had incidents of MRSA and clostridium difficile and local Conservatives think that it is unacceptable that local Labour MP John Austin could not even be bothered to turn up. Mr Austin claims that health issues are important to him but his Parliamentary record says otherwise.”

“While only one Labour backbencher could be bothered to join in the debate, the fact that Labour still managed to whip enough of their backbench MPs to vote against the motion demonstrates how desperate the Labour Government is to cover up its failures. I have little confidence in the Labour Government’s ability to get to grip with these problems and the lack of enthusiasm by their MPs demonstrates their own disillusionment with the policies of Blair, Brown and Hewitt.”

“Nationally the Government will fail to reach its target of halving MRSA infections by 2008 and its failure to pilot a Dutch-style ‘search and destroy’ strategy could cost lives. The war against superbugs cannot be won while Labour is in charge of the NHS.”

“Since coming to power Labour has systematically tore the heart and soul out of the NHS, causing distress to patients and misery to target-burdened staff. Morale is at an all time low and Trusts cannot plan ahead because of the constant re-organisation the Government subjects them to. NHS staff and managers should be free to get on with the job of treating patients and keeping wards clean. This cannot happen while Labour keeps moving the goalposts and undermining the excellent work done at local levels.”


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