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Evennett’s Crime Concern

Bexleyheath and Crayford MP David Evennett has raised his grave concerns about law and order issues after a number of serious crimes locally, a reported shortage of prison places and serious crime figures nationally. The figures, released this week from the British Crime Survey, showed theft against the person was up 14%, vandalism up 11% and drug offences up 9% nationally.

Speaking to the Executive Committee of Bexleyheath and Crayford Conservative Association on Thursday evening (25 January), Mr Evennett highlighted the growing problems of the Home Office, the Government’s failure in tackling crime and the Home Secretary’s recent letter to the courts pleading with them not to send convicted criminals to prison as evidence of “a Government that has failed on crime and has run out of ideas”.

Mr Evennett pointed to “recent serious crimes in Bexleyheath & Crayford” and raised the real local fears about serious crime in London as a whole, as well as the “continuing anger at the level of antisocial behaviour, vandalism, abuse and graffiti” which is now part of everyday life in the capital.

In addition, the shortage of prison places, the Government’s early release scheme and worsening national crime statistics are angering the law-abiding majority he stated.

Mr Evennett said “The Conservatives are offering real solutions to these problems. More police on the beat, less paperwork, building more prisons, less political correctness and an end to the Early Release Scheme will be the policies of the next Conservative Government”.

Mr Evennett will also be raising constituents’ concerns when he meets the new Borough Commander, Tony Dawson, early next month.

Notes To Editors

The British Crime Survey, released this week, showed national statistics from the first three quarters of 2006/7, April – December 2006.

These included:

Robbery – Up 1%

Theft Against The Person – Up 14%

Vandalism – Up 11%

Drug Offences – Up 9%

Chance of becoming a victim – Up 1% to 24%

Convictions – Less than 1% of all crimes


One Response

  1. I can tell you why to start with
    1 the council do nothing I have had about £2500 to my
    house in damages and about £1800 to my cars and that
    is only the next door family . and the police station in
    bexleyheath well you mite as well close it down and
    let the local polce do more but they have there hand
    tyed and this week we here that the poll tax is going up
    again.can someone tell me when we are going to get
    a rebate the dustmen do there job the local police try very
    hard but then it all falls down lead by the council who we
    pay poll tax and for bexleyheath police station.

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