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Austin Bows To Tory Pressure on Incinerator

Labour MP John Austin has finally bowed to pressure from local Conservatives over his terrible record at asking questions in Parliament and criticism for not holding Ministers to account over the Government’s decision to build the Belvedere Incinerator. For the first time on Thursday (February 1) Mr Austin is due to raise the issue of incineration with the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in the House of Commons. This also follows John Austin tabling an Early Day Motion (EDM) in Parliament last year, which was suggested and drafted by Belvedere Conservative Councillor David Leaf.

Cllr Leaf said “While it’s nice to see John Austin following the advice of local Conservatives, these are issues that he should have been raising in Parliament over the last few years. He has previously done nothing in Parliament on the Incinerator and has let local residents down. Questioning Ministers about the Belvedere Incinerator would have made a much bigger difference had he bothered to do this before the decision was made last June. He even couldn’t be bothered to draft an EDM on this issue himself and instead had to rely on me to do it for him – which he has publicly failed to acknowledge.”

“John Austin’s record as a Member of Parliament is very shameful. He is one of the worst MPs for responding to letters from constituents, his voting record is low and inconsistent and he hardly ever asks any questions to Ministers. Indeed, the last time he bothered to ask a question to the Prime Minister was back in 1996. There is an entire catalogue of issues affecting his constituents which he has failed to raise and residents clearly deserve better.”


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