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Tories Continue To Fight For Health Service

Next week Patricia Hewitt MP, Labour Health Minister will be taking part in an online web chat question time on the Number 10 Downing Street Website live on Thursday 8th February, from 10.45 am.

Councillor Sharon Massey Cabinet Member Health and Adult Social Care said ‘This is a great opportunity for all Bexley residents to ask her direct what she intends to do to sort out the crisis in the NHS in Bexley and across the country. We have seen cuts in NHS services locally, for example in podiatry, Speech and Language Therapy and contraception services. But all the pain has been worthless as any saving that has been made has been wiped out by an £8 million bill for the Choose and Book service, due to the Government getting the tariffs wrong!’

Using the following link Bexley residents can ask questions live on the day or in advance


Councillor Ian Clement Leader of the Council said ‘ This current financial crisis cannot continue, I hope everyone in Bexley who supports our local hospital and Care Trust will challenge the minister to stop these reforms. We must all stand up for Bexley against this Government and Gordon’s greedy policies.’

Belvedere Councillor and Health Campaigner David Leaf said ‘this is an excellent opportunity for Bexley residents to hold this shameful government to account’

Bexley Tories have also launched their own website http://www.saveservices.co.uk where you can sign the petition to stop local cuts in services. This will be presented to the Health Minister.

Questions to the minister from local Tories so far include:-

Bexley’s NHS is in financial crisis. All local savings that had been made have been wiped out by the bill for ‘Choose and Book’ (over £8 million) because the Government tariffs were wrong. How can the Government justify this error?

· Can she give the reasons for the current problems with NHS finances and what should NHS Trusts that serve residents in Bexley be doing to improve their financial situation while maintaining a full range of services and staff? In addition, what is her view on the minimum waiting times that Primary Care Trusts have introduced to help balance their books?

Due you really believe top slicing is fair, when you take money out of local budgets with no financial recompense or interest paid; yet you charge interest on debts of 10%?


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