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Neill: 88% of those abusing free travel allowed to reapply

Figures released by the London Assembly Conservatives have revealed that since the introduction of free bus travel for under-16s, Transport for London confiscated 2,393 passes for breach of the Behaviour Code. The detail was provided in a written answer to Roger Evans, Conservative spokesman for tranport, which went on to confirm that in 2,111 cases, the individuals who had the concession withdrawn would be free to reapply. Only 108 concessions had been permanently withdrawn.

Concessions to free travel can be withdrawn permanently by Transport for London for breach of the Behaviour Code. Offences that warrant the permanent withdrawal of the concession include committing a crime, drinking, swearing and smoking on the bus network.

Commenting on the Mayor’s answers, Bob Neill said:

“What’s the point of saying ‘break the law and you’ll lose your privilege’ when, in most cases, those who have committed offences can simply re-apply for the concession? The Mayor is effectively giving the green light to seven out of eight hooligans who break the Behaviour Code to carry on as they please.

With such a carefree attitude to anti-social behaviour, this Mayor is throwing open the bus doors to the gangs of London.”


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