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B14 Bus Goes Up The Hill At Last!

Cray Meadows Ward Councillors, Don Massey, Ross Downing and Cheryl Bacon, are delighted that after months of talks the one-way route of the B14 around the Royal Park Estate is being changed so that buses will go up the hill at Kimberley Drive rather than down.

Cllr Don Massey led the campaign after a number of elderly and vulnerable residents complained to him that getting up the hill to the railway station and shops at Albany Park was difficult for them. He commented “I am very pleased that I have convinced Transport for London (TFL) that the changes they made back in February 2006 did not take into account residents who have mobility problems. Everyone involved (Bexley Council, Metrobus, TFL and the Royal Park Residents Association) has worked very hard to come up with proposals that the local residents are overwhelmingly in favour of.”

Residents were consulted on the revised route via a formal process that involved letters to over 1,000 residents on the estate and a mini-exhibition at the local church. They made a number of suggestions on the parking restrictions proposed and positioning of hard standing paved areas that have been incorporated into the approved plans. Chairman of the Royal Park Residents Association Phil Gloster said “The Association is very pleased that the B14 route in the estate has been altered to the benefit of the community as a whole”.

The route change is planned to come into effect in early March.


Residents Approve New Road Crossing for Welling

Following a petition by local residents and a campaign by the Local Conservative Councillors, approval has been given for a new road crossing in Central Avenue, Welling.

Central Avenue which is one of the busiest roads in Welling, and an important bus route for the whole Borough, has been a major worry for many years for local residents including parents of children at the two local schools (East Wickham Junior and Infants) and residents at nearby Cramonde Court. In fact it was residents at Cramonde Court who first raised the issue with a petition signed by many locals, to improve safety on the road for the elderly resident’s which was presented to the Council early last year.

Following a wider consultation of local residents in surrounding roads and the approval of 80% of the people affected, Councillor Peter Craske, Cabinet Member for Transport, signed off on the decision to go ahead with the construction of the crossing before Christmas. A truly superb present for everyone involved in East Wickham!

In the past 2 years since the Conservatives won in East Wickham, and won back Bexley Council, there have been many new developments locally such as a 20 MPH Zone being implemented in the Lovel Avenue and Wickham Street area, Road Safety Scheme in Glenmore Road, Edison Road and Chaucer Road, a new building for Eastcote Primary School, countless roads and pavements fixed and also new road signs replaced and graffiti removed. These achievements have only been made by local residents being able to work with local Councillors who are concerned about the little things that matter.

Councillor James Hunt said: “Local Conservatives, working with the residents have done something in two years that that the previous Labour Councillors couldn’t do in eight. East Wickham is really progressing with things that the local people are asking for help with, and while we can’t promise to fix everything we will certainly try and have a go. For instance we have recently been asked to look at the speed of traffic in Welling Way and the problems with traffic at Shoulder of Mutton Green, and we are now investigating these”

Councillor Michael Tarrant, a former Bus Driver said “I know from first hand how busy this road can be, and I am pleased we have been able to help residents get something they need to make their lives easier and safer. We have much more work to do especially around Welling Way, and we will do what we can”

Councillor Alf Catterall, currently Vice Chairman of Road Safety said “This is excellent news for the residents, and will hopefully go some way to making their lives safer locally. It’s a shame it has taken so long for this scheme to happen, but with Conservative Councillor’s things are finally happening. But, we should not get complacent as there is much more to do”