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Click on the ward name to email your representatives.  Don’t know which ward you live in? Click here to find out. All Councillors can be contacted through the Civic Offices by calling 0208 303 7777 or writing to Bexley Civic Offices, Bexleyheath, Kent, DA6 7LB.

Cllr Richard Gillespie, Cllr Bill McEwen and Cllr Simon Windle
> Phone: 0208 303 4695

Cllr John Fuller and Cllr David Leaf

Blackfen and Lamorbeywebsite
Cllr Brian Beckwith, Cllr Peter Craske and Cllr Katie Perrior

Blendon and Penhill
Cllr Pat Cammish, Cllr Graham D’Amiral, Cllr Nick O’Hare
> Phone: 020 8309 Brampton
Cllr Ron French, Cllr Teresa O’Neill and Cllr John Wilkinson
> Phone: 0208 303 4695

Cllr Roy Ashmole, Cllr Ian Clement and Cllr Len Newton
Phone: 0208 294 6152

Cllr Geraldine Lucia-Hennis, Cllr Howard Marriner and Cllr Melvyn Seymour
> Phone: 0208 303 4695

Cray Meadows
Cllr Cheryl Bacon, Cllr Ros Downing and Cllr Don Massey
> Phone: 020 8300 3471

Cllr Chris Brockwell, Cllr David Cammish and Cllr David Hurt
> Phone: 0208 303 4695

Danson Park
Cllr Linda Bailey, Cllr Sharon Massey and Cllr John Waters
Phone: 01322 555446

East Wickhamwebsite
Cllr Alf Catterall, Cllr James Hunt and Cllr Michael Tarrant
> Phone: 020 8300 3471

Cllr Bernard Clewes MBE

Falconwood and Welling
Cllr Nigel Betts, Cllr Peter Catterall and Cllr Val Clark
> Phone: 0208 303 3221

Lesnes Abbeywebsite
Cllr John Davey, Cllr Kirsty Duncombe and Cllr Margaret Hurt
> Phone: 0208 303 4695

Cllr Gareth Bacon, Cllr Ken McAndrew and Cllr Mike Slaughter
> Phone: 020 8300 3471

North End
Bexleyheath and Crayford Conservative Association
> Phone: 0208 303 4695

Northumberland Heathwebsite
Cllr Helen Fuller, Cllr Peter Reader and Cllr Alex Sawyer
> Phone: 0208 303 4695

Aileen Beckwith, Jackie Evans and June Slaughter
> Phone: 020 8300 3471

St Mary’s
Cllr Colin Campbell, Cllr Alan Downing and Cllr Colin Tandy
> Phone: 020 8300 3471

St Michael’swebsite
Cllr Joe Pollard, Cllr Ray Sams and Cllr Matthew Scott
> Phone: 07930 128 906 or 0208 303 4695

Thamesmead East
Erith and Thamesmead Conservative Association

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